About Croydon

Croydon in South London is located in the London Borough of Croydon. It is 9.5 miles South of Charing Cross Station.

Croydon is located on the transport corridor between London and Englands south coast. North of two gaps in the North Downs, one followed by the route of the A23 Brighton Road from Purley to Merstham and the other by the A22 from Purley to the M25 Godstone interchange.

Croydon MOT  Centres can be found fairly near to Monks Orchard. Monks Orchard covered a huge area, 1,540 acres stretching Northwards from the Wickham Road almost to Elmers End, Southwards nearly as far as Addington, and Eastwards across the Borough boundary into West Wickham. Monks Orchard was not very populated when it was established in 1923. Monks Orchard was not named after a monastery, but commemorates a family named Monk, from Addington, who owned a lot of the land at one time.

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