Tyre Sales in Croydon

When looking for tyres in Croydon you will want to ensure the tyre is of a reasonable quality as your safety is most important. To be safest go with a brand named tyre such as Goodyear, Michelin or Pirelli.
Remember tyres are the vehicle’s only contact with the road.
The actual area of contact between the car and the road through the tyres is very small.
Bald tyres are not much use to you a wet road.
Dunlop tyres Croydon

There has been a massive influx of tyres to the UK from China, many of these were destined for America, the USA have recently reviewed their safety standards  and have banned the import of tyres from China so they are coming to Europe! The vast majority of tyres from China are sub standard and will probably last a 1/3 of a branded, the stopping distances have also shown to be terrible in some cases. That said Goodyear and Dunlop both have plants in China!
Bridgestone tyres Croydon

As expected Croydon has all the major tyre dealers based in and around the London Borough.
Major dealers such as Kwik Fit and National have a number of depots around the town.
There are also many “one man band” garages that supply and fit rubber. It is worth ringing as many of these garages as possible or checking out their websites as they will all have different deals .
Goodyear Croydon

We offer a price match on any written quote and in most cases we can beat quotes by a large margin.

Tread Wear

Although many factors can have a negative effect on the life of your tyres the most common contributing factors are rapid or uneven tread wear. Uneven tread wear is most often related to one or more of the following conditions:

* Over-Inflation – Causes wear along the centre of the tread.
* Under-Inflation – Causes rapid wear along the edges of the tread. Always check your  pressures regulary.
* Faulty brakes or shocks – Can cause flat spots around the tread of the tyre.
* Incorrect wheel alignment (tracking) – can cause rapid wear along the inside or the outside edges of the FRONTS.

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