Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

Maxxis tyres have come a long way in recent years. Maxxis now produce motorcycle tyres that have very good wet and dry traction and longevity compared to a few years ago. I would even say they grip as well or even better than a lot of the well known brands such as Pirelli & Bridgestone.

Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

The key to this improvement appears to be in the shape of diamonds! The Supermaxx Diamonds unique high-tension carcass construction incorporates a joint-less mono-spiral Kevlar belt, which increases carcass strength and uniformity under extreme load conditions Maxxis’ Diamond carcass has been developed to equalise pressure distribution, minimise distortion and increase the tyres contact area by 10% at 35 degrees, increasing cornering stability, and as a result cornering camber angle can be increased by up to 10 degrees* Stiffer side walls ensure that the Supermaxx Diamond maintains its handling characteristics under typical loads for touring applications, without compromising handling or stability.

My personal experience of riding on a track day with Maxxis MA3DS Supermaxx Diamonds – fitted front and rear to a FZR600
The first thing I noticed was how quick the Maxxis tyres warm up after 1 lap. I had to come in after on the 1st lap as a great big fly splattered in the middle of my visor and was affecting my viability. I felt the tyres while I had my gloves off and they felt sticky and very warm and this was in damp conditions, it was not raining – rather a typical British grey day. Back out again with the knowledge that the Maxxis were warm enough I started giving it some – the confidence these Maxxis tyres give you is awesome. I’m not usually a knee down kind of guy, usually I’m gripping the tank with my knees all the way – I’m quite a big guy and the FZR is quite a small bike so I’ve never felt that happy hanging my arse off the seat the get my knees down – Not any more. The following video is the product launch held in Portugal for the Maxxis MA3DS Diamond Sports Tourer Tyre.

VIP Technology combines a series of computer-aided analysis programs that allow our scientists to predict a tyre’s performance before it enters Maxxis-vip-technologyproduction. The system factors in pressure points at varying inflation levels and contact points to simulate cornering, acceleration, braking and the effects of strain and wear. Only when the design concept passes careful VIP analysis can it progress to the production stages.


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