Car Winter Safety Checks

Car Checks You Should Make Before Setting Out This Winter

Make sure all your lights are working, you have enough fuel including a bit extra in case you get stuck in a traffic jam. Have look at your tyres and check the tyre pressures, I have seen some folk driving around with almost flat tyres recently and we have had a few comming in wanting the air pumped up as they let the air out so the tyres would grip more when trying to get their cars out of their drives. In theory this does work and can get you out of a sticky or slippery situation HOWEVER I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH that you must replace the air in your tyres as soon as you are unstuck and not wobble your way to the nearest airline! So it may be a good idea to get a tyre foot pump or one that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. have a look at the washer bottle and topup with a screenwash as this will prevent it freezing and leaving you with a smeared window that you can hardly see out of.

Take a blanket, some food and water and if you think it may be really bad take a shovel. Think about buying a portable potty or something you can have a pee in! Nowt worse than being stuck in a traffic jam and your busting for a pee. I mean you can’t just jump out and have one at the side of the road if your a lady.

Your welcome to add suggestions and comments on how you survive Winter driving.

Winter safety checks on your car